‘HE’ Revisited

Playing My New Role

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So as I alluded to previously I travelled to London to meet up with N again and here I am some 2 weeks later and the effects and memories have hardly faded a jot. The intenseness of the meeting was beyond even my primed imagination could anticipate and yes I am still a little taken aback and not a little embarrassed at my brazen behaviour during it.

Becoming his fantasy made one of my own

Becoming his fantasy made one of my own

N wanted to free my mind this time around and therefore decided to introduced some distinct roleplay to the scenario. Because I am in Education I am naturally somewhat tense about this ‘other’ life becoming known in my vanilla life, so I am anxious to keep it as separate and private as possible. As it turned out N was very attuned to that and had clearly devised this unknowingly to me but extremely effectively as it turned out, as a method or circumventing these fears. It worked like a dream and really allowed me to release so much more and in the process surrendered myself so much more to this man which (blush) I am sure he new full well. You learn so much more about yourself at moments like this and when those revelations are inspired by another person, well you need to experience it to understand the profound effect it has on your mind and body, every nerve end tingles in overload almost an out of body experience, so new so unexpected for someone like me. So leading up to the weekend it was made clear to me that I was to obtain a nurse uniform I did find this almost rediculously funny at first ‘every mans kink’ I suppose was the initial thought that crossed my mind but gradually it became a serious focus in preparation for the meeting to which I became increasing absorbed as he guided me into the persona he required, being in the medical field himself you can imagine the detail he expected and soon I was finding myself highly excited by the process. Unwrapping the uniform when it arrived was a particularly revelationary experience for me which almost instantly allowed me to truly start to play out my new expected role. Indeed it became extremely absorbing transforming into this new person it really allows you to express yourself in ways that would be far less natural and comfortable as yourself. In particular it made it much easier when returning from work in particular to be able to click into this very different aspect of myself without apprehension. In fact it became something of a fetish in its own right for me and I loved every moment of wearing it.


Looking back I shiver at the things this allowed me to do though that shiver is more of excitement rather than any guilt. I would do it again tomorrow and more without shame or fear, well like this time and the last, I would be as nervous as hell in all honesty but then it is that emotional state that makes the experience so intense and fulfilling.

If you want to know much of what happened then perhaps it is best to go to N’s profile on Fetlife where you will see much more than I can relate here in any depth, as they say one picture is worth a thousand words. https://fetlife.com/users/369704. Be warned some might find it quite intense.


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